Christian Felicione

Basketball Referee & Software/Web Developer

Atri (TE) - Italy

L'Aquila (AQ) - Italy

Rome (RM) - Italy

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École 42

The 'École 42' is a School for people who love coding. I subsrived to the admission test called Piscine and I passed it. During that mounth, I developed very interesting applications and functions in C Language (here the link to my repository where I uploaded all my projects).
The particular aspect of this school is the absence of teachers, we learned from each other (Montessori method), I really loved this learning experience.
There is an interview with Riccardo Zacconi, one of the most influential personalities in the digital world, he is working for launching the 42 Roma Luiss School.


After graduating from the Scientific High School, Applied Sciences option, I'm attending the couse of study for the three-year degree in Computer Science in L'Aquila University.

Italian Basketball Federation (FIP)

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I am Federal Basketball Referee from 2016. This experience is teaching me to face up to different situations in life and make the right decision in short time.
I have refereed important matches in many leagues, some of them were finals, others were playoff and other easy games, but in each single match I had fun and I made my best.
I referred all around Abruzzo and sometimes to the neighbouring regions, that is why I have met special people and each of them enriched me and, at times, I have taught something.

Programming Languages














Level C2


Level B1-B2

Who I Am

I am a guy ready to adapt myself to any situation, it's easy to me to learn learning quickly new developing programs and software.
I also partnered with a live entertainment service, managing and installing sound and lighting systems.
Thanks to the refereeing experience I am ready to face up decisions in a short time agreed with rules and common sense. I able to work in a team and I am ready to helpwho needs.
I really enjoy spending my time on software development and my hobbies.
My particularity is to be very attentive to details and deadlines.

Referee Important Events

First Match Refereed

4 February 2016

Promotion in D-level

July 2018

TDR 2019 - Final 3°/4°

18-22 April 2019
Salsomaggiore Terme (PR)

Promotion in C2-level

July 2019

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Living in Atri (TE)

Studing in L'Aquila (AQ)

Studing in Via Marsala Rome (RM)

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